Friday, 6 December 2013

How God communicated In the Beginning

image is courtesy Mark Mallet

    This series started some days ago with our first post which explains the medium through
which heaven reveals God and communicates with humanity read it up here Heavens Means of Communication.
    Today we are taking a step to better understanding this series,to do this we have to take a conscious retrace back to the origin,the Beginning and through this retrace we can by Gods grace find answers to our nagging question which is,How does God reveal/communicate Himself with humanity?.
     In the Garden of Eden God spoke with Adam and Eve face to face(Gen3:8). However,after that fateful day,when they blatantly disobeyed their Lord,they no longer were allowed to enjoy His presence(Gen3:23,24),as they were chased out of the Garden of Eden,and their face to face communion/communication with God ended.We must therefore take thoughts for ourselves as sin is a great thing that seperates us from Gods presence as the more we dwell in sin the deeper and faster we loose contact with our creator,as His creatures we must therefore keep distances from sin so as to keep our communion with  God.
     What do the the following texts(Gen32:30,Exo33:11,Judges6:22) tell us about face to face encounters with God?.When we look at those texts we would see that at different occasions, some persons had epressions like "I have seen the Angel of the Lord  face to face".Frequently the Old Testament identifies the Angel of God or the Angel of the Lord with God Himself.Jacob refers to God and the Angel in the same way(Gen48:16);the Angel of the Lord appears to Moses in the burning bush,yet,it is God who speak to him(Exo3:2);the Angel who appeared to Gideon is identified with God(Judges6:11).In all of this text we find out that God appears to humanity,but whenever God manifested Himself to human beings in a bodily form,it was always in a humanlike manifestation.
      In John1:18 John says "No man hath seen God at any time,the only begotten son,which is in the bossom of the Father,He had declared Him".The Divine Being,therefore,Who appeared to the people in the Old Testament must have been Jesus not the Father.Ellen G White tells us that "after the transgression of Adam,the Lord spoke no longer directly to man;the human race was given into the hands of Christ,and all communication came through Him to the world.It was Christ who gave the law on Mount Sinai".Fundamentals of Christian Education pg237.238.As Christians we must strife on daily basis to live a life free from sin so that our dear Lord can commune with us.Next week we would look at How God Communicates with us through Nature.
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        Till we talk again
         Remain blessed.


Anonymous said...

God would empower us to do His will and avoid sin totally

akpa chigozie said...

God would empower us His children if only we are willing to allow Him dwell withing us