Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Heaven's Means of Communication

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Text for the day:Hebrews 1:1,2
      For many years and through all of history,the question has been on virtually everyones lips,How does God communicate/reveal Himself to His people?,but the answer is,does He really have a medium,an avenue of revealing Himself and passing down information to the human race? or is our God mute.This questions are very important as they would lead us to getting answers from the word of God and the reality of God's communicative medium with humanity.
      Yes! God has means of communicating and in this post we would find out those mediums through which our God reveals Himself.There are two basic ways in which God has revealed Himself to humanity:Generally and Special revelation.General revelation is God's revelation of Himself to all people t,rom1:20). God's  revelation through nature and conscience(psalm19:1,rom1:20).God revelation through the prophets as recorded in scripture,especially His revelation through Jesus Christ,is special revelation.Through this means God appeared to the Old testament patriachs and prophets in order to make His will known.
       He revealed His power and purpose through Isreal's history(manna from heaven,red sea departing to give dry land,a pillar of cloud at night,the destruction of pharaoh and his army etc.).

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Then,later,He sent His only begotten Son,Who, in the garb of humanity,revealed the Father in a unique and powerful way.
          In the coming days we would be looking at both types of revelation as it have to do with our christian journey.The coming posts at a glance:What is general and special revelation?,What can nature teach us about God?,What can it not teach us?,How does the revelation through Jesus Christ differ from God's other revelations?,so join me as we go through Gods word together.
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