Thursday, 12 December 2013

How does nature reveal God?(Psalm19:1-6)

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The Bible tells us that the world God created was perfect in  every way(Gen 1:31).But scripture  also reveals that sin has altered the natural world(Gen 3:17,18).Prior to the fall,only beautiful useful plants were found upon the earth.God "never made a thorn,a thistle,or a tare.These are satan's work,the result of degeneration".Ellen  G White, Testimonies to the Church Vlo6 Page 186.Nevertheless,there is still great beauty in the changing of the leaves in autumn,in a vivid sunset,and in the opening of a rosebud on a sunny morning.
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       Bible writers often refer to the phenomina of nature as a revelation of Gods majesty and greatness(Psalm8&104).Consider the universe! on a clear night one can see with the naked eye thousands of stars.However,our Milky Way galaxy has about two hundred billion stars and thats only one galaxy several hundred billion galaxies that we now can see.Who knows how many more are beyond our telescope!
       Distances in the universe boggle  the mind:Apart from the sun,the nearest star to our earth,Alpha Centauri,is 4.28 light years away (one light year is the distance light travels in one year 5.9trillion miles).A spaceship travelling 100,00miles per hour would require about 29,000 years to get there.In contrast,our Milky Way has a diameter of 100,000 light years! The largest galaxy known thus far is Markarian,with diameter of 1.3million light years.

       Similar awe-inspiring facts would come to light if we used an electron microscope to study the tens of thousands of genes each individual is embeded with or possesses.Our finite minds are simply unable to  comprehend all the wonders of the created world,have you ever wondered or pondered on the birth of a child,how a being(human) would for months develop and live in a womb,have you had time to look at the human brain, three pound in size 100 billion neurons that handle 70,000 thought,regulates 103,000 heartbeats,23,000 breaths,and more than 600 muscles every day,it is said to be the most complex of all organs,but yet in its complexity God shows His superiority and  reveals Himself through the beauty of this  astonishing part of the human body to us.
        Yet nature alone isn't enough to reveal the fullness of Gods character(Romans1:25).Many of the fundamental questions about God cannot be answered through a study of nature.We will find it hard to see Gods love reflected in how Cats and killer Whales play with their prey before killing them.And while we can see Gods power and majesty in creation,nature does not tell us always that God is "merciful and gracious,long suffering,and abounding in goodness and truth"(Exodus 34:6)
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Pharbiyi Hooluwershehun said...

In divers way nature can reveal God partially in a nutshell u standing without holding anything is it by your power ? or your thumb printing is it not different from others.

akpa chigozie said...

Yes o there are basically uncountable ways in which nature reveals Gods majesty