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Can the Bible Be Trusted? (Free Bible Course #2)

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           A story is told of a young man who was the only child of the mother who was a widow. The woman did all she could to educate her only child. The child was blessed and had the opportunity to travel to America. For many years the mother was not hearing from the boy and she complained to the young man’s former head teacher. The head teacher visited the woman one Sunday. He found a lot of pink slips pasted over the walls of the illiterate woman’s living room.
        When he carefully inspected them, they were slips for parcels sent to the woman through the postal agency which was five miles away from the village. When all the parcels were collected, the woman became rich enough to move from the village into the city.
        God has written a letter to us. We decorate our coffee table, bookshelves, and dressing mirrors with the letter—The Bible, but we never read to know the rich promises of God to us. As many as forty authors wrote this book over a period of more than 1,500 years from 1500 BC to A.D 100. It is the oldest book in the world. It is God’s letter to man. It is a letter from a Heavenly Father whose mercy endureth forever. He who knows all about us wrote us this book so we can read and know how to live in this world of sin and disappointments.

       The Bible contains: 3,566,480 letters. 773,742 words. 31,173 verses; 1,189 chapters, and 66 books. Read 2Timothy 3:16-17 & 2Peter 1:21.
Did you know that?
Leviticus 13:40 is a text atheists can’t deny
2Kings 21:13 tells the way a person wipes a dish
2Samuel 21:20 and 1Chronicles 20:6 tell of a man with 24 fingers and toes.
2Chronicles 11:21 tells of a man with 88children. He had 18 wives, 60 concubines.
Judges 3:17 refers to a very fat man.
Ezekiel 16:4 tells us that anciently newborn babies were salted.
      The Bible contains more than 1,800 promises for people who are sick, discouraged, feel guilty, depressed, wretched, hopeless, divorced, widowed, married, singles, childlessness, and students.
The Word of God is likened to:
A fire                 Jeremiah 23:29
A lamp               Psalm 119:105
A sword             Ephesians 6:17
Milk                  1Peter 2:2
A hammer         Jeremiah 23:29
     Did you know that there are more than 250 names given to God in the Bible and each name is a promise to meet our needs, when in distress, you can call on  Jehovah Shalom. . . the God of peace(judges 6:24)
When you are lonely and afraid, you can call on the name Jehovah SHAMMAH. The Lord is present, Psalm 23, Ezekiel 48:35. When the witches are assailing you, you can call on the name Jehovah Sabbaoth, the Lord of Host . . . , 1Samuel 1:13
    The Bible is the only book that helps us to know about Jesus Christ.
He is the Star of Jacob                      Numbers 24:11
He is a Mighty God                           Isaiah 9:6
He is the Light of the world                John 8:12
He is the Chief Shepherd                  1 Peter 5:4
He is the Lord of Lords                   Revelation 19:16
    The Bible contains several prophecies that affect you and me. Do you want to know about tomorrow? Read the Bible – Do you want to know why there are many churches in the world today? Matthew 24:24. Do you know why there is so much selfishness and crime? 2Timothy 3:1-5
   You see, friends, it makes a difference what we do with this Book. It is more than just a Book to carry to church. It is more than a book to decorate tables. It is more than helpful information or useful advice. It is God’s book that speaks to our hearts. It is His letter to His children on planet earth. It is the secret of eternal life, everlasting happiness, and peace of mind.
    The bible has changed lives. It can change yours too.

    It has given hope to the hopeless. It can give you too.

    It has delivered people from vile lives. It can change you too.

   All you need to do is to search it. . . John 5:39

   All you need to do is to read and study it . . . 2 Timothy 2:15
Study it through.  Never begin a day without mastering a verse. Pray it in. Never leave your Bible until the passage you studied is part of your very being. Put it down. Put the thought God gives you in the margin or your Bible. Work it out. Live the truth you get through it all the hours of the day. Pass it on. Seek to tell somebody what you have learned” J. Wilbur Chapman.
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