Wednesday, 2 April 2014

My Course Begins

    For years now some topical issues have almost turned the christian fold apart and this topical issues are yet to be fully discussed,perhaps the discussion of this topical issues could tear some folds  apart because a discovery of this truth could stare up some interest in the minds of their followers so they rather it is buried.This course is coming at a time when the truth has taken the back bench in the preachings that we hear all around,but this course would dig deep and unravel all the mysteries behind this issues and bring them to fore.
    This theme of this course is "HOPE THROUGH THE STORM".There are two words that we would want to consider in the theme first is HOPE,what is hope? the Oxford English Dictionary defines it as "a belief that something you want will happen",this means that a lot of us have hope for a better tomorrow but what about STORM,what is storm? "a very bad weather with  strong winds and rain ,and often thunder and lightning",now considering this two words don't you think putting them together is not too right,but is it possible to have Hope through the Storm, yes it is and that's exactly what we would be dwelling on for the next fourteen weeks.
      This course is taking the shape of fourteen weeks and it starts next week wednesday 9th April 2014, because every week i would be publishing one article based on this course,the one week period is for all those who are participating in the course to be able to go back and study and then come back to ask questions if you have.
      We at Akpa Chigozie's Blog are so excited to come to you with this life changing and soul uplifting and inspiring course,we know it would touch someones life and our Gods name would be glorified.Remember to sign up to our emailing list now so as to keep up to speed with developments here at this blog

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